A Successful Company

Owner Paul Widlund began operating this DJ company in 1979, just as mobile DJs were becoming a major part of American entertainment choices. Those were the days of turntables and vinyl, and "Partying like it's 1999" seemed a far off idea. With many years of very successful service, the business has "morphed" through five different names. Recently it was time to upgrade to a more suitable, media savvy name, and so NorthernMichiganDJ.com was born - Perfectly coordinating with the service, service area, and web address - which was registered in 2004.

Premium Entertainment Service

The company has evolved from turntables and vinyl, to vinyl and cds, to mini-discs and cds, to cds and now to computers and mp3s, with cd backups - All the while, using the best quality sound equipment affordable for great sound, 100 percent reliability, and capped off with state of the art DJ lighting equipment.

Now, with lasers, LEDs, and sometimes black lighting - a whole package of professional looking and great sounding music is the hallmark of each of the company's several shows.

More Music - Less DJ

Our policy is to make as little a footprint as we can on your special day!